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EXPOSED: Gene Simmons Sextape

Posted on February 28th, 2008 by by admin

Gene Simmons naked and fucking a hot chick on leaked tape

EXPOSED: Gene Simmons Sex Tape

Gene Simmons is a rock music legend, hes sold million of records, he has millions of dollars and he claims to have slept
with more than 4600 women in his life. With all that groupie action you would assume he knows to give it to a girl and
he proves that he still can in this tape.

His partner for this video is an absolute bombshell named Elsa, who until now was just a no-name promo girl, lucky for
her Gene decided to put his famous tongue in her un-famous twat and now we have the footage. Elsa starts the action
by sucking Gene’s cock before laying down on the bed for a good rogering. To finish off, Elsa and her lovely jubblies
bend over the bed and she gets shafted from behind.

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EXPOSED:Anna Nicole Smith

Posted on February 19th, 2008 by by admin

Anna Nicole Smith naked and fucking on leaked tape

EXPOSED: Anna Nicole Smith Sex Tape

Anna Nicole Smith is one smoking hot blonde with curves in all the right places and boy does she know how to flaunt it.
She first shot to stardom when she began modelling for Playboy magazine and became Playmate Of The Year in 2003.
This little sexpot knew how to work her charms to get ahead in life, testified by her marriage to J. Howard Marshall,
which also helped her to become a household name.

In this collection of homemade video clips we see this busty blonde nude in her bath at home, twisting and turning for
the camera to give us an awesome view of her butt. Throughout the movie Anna’s prominent breasts are featured in all
their free range glory, as well as a few peeps of her shaved snatch.

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