I love these sex dating websites

Posted on March 26th, 2014 by by punkpred

this is Tammy, I’m not Tammy I mean she in the photograph is Tammy LOL. She’s 41 years old divorced, however she does have a new boyfriend is the reason why she got divorced because her husband found her in bed with him, it’s a very long story and I don’t want to get into details I don’t think that she would be happy that I got into details, like she wasn’t that happy when I asked if I could post this photograph but not convince her and told her that it’s really hard to see and unveil her identity and therefore she was definitely safe and that her boyfriend would never find out that she wants to hookup tonight with guys in her town that are looking for sex, and that she really doesn’t care what age they are from from the age of 22 the age of 50 she said, so that’s quite a big age range, the only thing that she did tell me to ask people is that if they don’t last more than 30 to 40 minutes not to contact her in any formal way whatsoever.


She actually does look like one of the girls that’s on the video on the Amateurmatch YouTube channel, I took up closer look before and you can see it’s not her that they are two different people, the girl on YouTube looks a lot more clean-cut while she looks like a war actually she is a whore.

Anyhow if any of you are members of the amateur match adult dating website, then after that you also lives in New Jersey to be more specific Jersey town, then feel free to contact her and see if she is willing for a sex date, she won’t take you home she prefers to meet up in a hotel somewhere and once again for your information she likes guys that will last at least 30 to 40 minutes so if you’re a premature ejaculatior then forget about it LOL.

What I know about dating

Posted on February 25th, 2014 by by punkpred

What do I know about dating? I have been reviewing dating websites for the past three years, along with them also pornographic websites that include all tubes or paysites, and also I like to review WebCam networks obviously live sex web cam sites, not only because I actually get a free life pass wherever I go, because that’s what I request when I am asked to review a certain website by the owners, and the funny thing is it in many occasions when I give a bad review, because I’m giving a truthful review, they withdraw that life pass immediately, too bad you asked me to review your website and then when I give a truthful review and give a negative review because your website is a piece of shit, you then get all upset and take away what you gave me and asked me to remove the review, no way! I was checking out the Amateur Match YouTube channel yesterday and I then contacted amateur match until May need updated they need to take care of it because it’s a little outdated, but the videos are on there are actually pretty funny, there are a few couples that have met on the network and these people are absolutely hilarious, they joined the sex and the actually met each other like each other and two of them are actually get married. See I visit not only the main website but I like to visit their blogs if they have them. They YouTube channels if they have them that twitter sources even their Facebook if they have them, because instead of just looking at the Main building I like to see everything that’s around and from there I can actually pick up information and understand exactly what they’re all about, to you what Mo make any sense but to me trust me, me that reviews adult oriented websites I know where to put my hands unknowable my eyes I know in search and from there I can pull conclusions if the website is functional if they actually do sell what they say they can and everything else.

Sorry about that my wife just called, I was Tele not to call me when I’m at work, she’s the biggest pain in the ass she calls me for the most stupid crap ever, what is I got a doing anything nothing, sorry let’s get back on track! Here’s another example all what I search for especially to see if a website in this case a dating website is functional or not, I checked out the Amateur Match and they update every three days with a member’s profile and something about the member etc. and I’ve went inside as I have a lifetime pass with them, but is still a lifetime membership sorry, and I hit up these people men and women to see if they were real, and they are real I keep doing it time at the time I want to catch them with a fake profile, but in three years that I’ve been reviewing them I still have to catch them with a fake profile. So do you see where I’m going with this that even through a blog you can see if a website that says it offers local sex with people looking for sex in your town is truthful or not, they are!

naughty stockings

I went to the Amateurmatch twitter source and I checked there as well, I checked to see if the people that were commenting on their were tweeting on their were real, if they really did have an account at that sex personals website, and they did, and they really do live in the town they say they are I checked their profiles they are dating other people, so that the trick if you want to see before porting your 30 bucks a month into a dating website always check the twitter or Facebook to you to the blog everything that surrounds it makes you understand what you’re getting into if you’re getting into some other just wants your credit card number to scam you also may have actually offering use sex just like amateurmatch.com.

Now with that said do me the favor I get the fark out of my face!

Cheat tonight they say on this adult dating website

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They say it, and they mean it, because they can make it happen it’s not that they will have people full in your lab, you have to do your part, and if you just get to sit around and waste time then that’s nothing in your agenda that’s going to happen, were talking about the leading website for cheaters and discreet encounters, that website is untrue.com and this is not the first time that I have actually posted something about this website I actually have posted a good review after that I tested it for the first time, in fact check out the Blog post about Untrue.com right here. It’s pretty much what I have to say about it here today, really nothing is changed on that dating platform, it is always delivering what it promises, while other websites just say they can and that’s where they stop, while untrue.com goes above and beyond and hands you what you’re paying for.

great upskirt

One thing I’ve always asked myself though, is why on earth would they call the website Untrue? I mean it’s a really neat short domain and it’s very hard to forget, but it is slightly weird that a sex personals website would be called as such. That really has nothing to do with it is just something that was on my mind right now and I couldn’t figure out why they were calling it that way, but who cares right, as long as it works!

So in other words if you are ready to cheat tonight, then you know where to go as I have thrown you the bone, click on any of the images or the links that I have posted them here and that you will get directed to that website. Don’t be shy, and don’t be cheap, and even if you are cheap just remember that you don’t pay for what you don’t like, that’s because for one week you don’t pay crap you join all you need is an email address and all you need to do is confirm the email that they send you on that email address and your good to go for seven days. So even you cheap bastards, you have no reason why not to test it and once again you cheap bastards, if you do like it and you do find people in your town want to have sex just like you, then to get the full membership only costs $.95 today that’s right less than a dollar to get laid, can be that now can you?!

Hot milf’s looking for some temp fun and sex

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I can’t show you her face, because if I did you guys wouldn’t believe it. I’m not kidding you, the chick that I met online is someone that has done a couple of movies and has been on TV since she was a kid. Now 42 years old. I can’t give away any more info than that, she told me that if I ever spoke to anyone about this she’d sue my ass, so I’m at the limit right now. She’s not the only one of the hot milfs that I found on this dating site, an exclusive dating site for VIP sluts and guys that want to fuck them.

nice butt

When they told me about the site I thought that they were totally full of shit, but it turns out that they were right about it. I love how the majority of the members ar women, some are fucking ugly bitches, but most are good looking and do keep themselves in shape. I’m on this first celebrity date, but I have fucked a few nice bitches that paid for the hotel, dinner and drinks. Damn I sound like a male hooker the way I’m saying things, nothing even close however, these babes are all fuckable and are always looking to having sex!

Cheating dating is the new trend

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Cheating has been going on since man and woman showed up on this planet, however cheating dating, is a little different, that showed up when the internet came along, not even then to be honest as the first cheating website was if I’m not wrong a place called Amateur Match and then came sites that belonged to the same company like Cheaters.net and the one that I use called Untrue.com.

As we’re talking about Untrue, then lets talk about the last chick of many that I’ve gone out on a sex date with. She’s a cheater. Married to a guy thats in prison and wont be out for a couple of months. Her name is Gilda, 31 years of age, she lives in a taler park and happens to be a hot wild slut!

slut in kitchen

I really don’t think that there are any words that can describe this cheating network and how easy it is to catch what your looking for. It’s like fishing with a hand grenade, you know you’re going to pick up and a lot.

Black webcam babes having sex

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I love webcam babes in general, but the chicks that will bring on a dude and fuck them on live cam is pretty dam hot and extreme. Luanda a very hot ebony chick age 31 and looks fucking awesome, now and then as you can see from the screen shot, will bring in a dude that she has maybe met at a club or at the local bars in her town and will strip them down not telling them that they’re on webcam live around the world and blow them, in most cases she’ll be sure that they fuck her on that sofa before they leave, some even fuck her ass and that makes the show totally fucking complete.

white cock

There are not that many webcam chicks like this on the world wide web, but at Webcam Club you can find a lot of them, and not just the black chicks, but of any race or age (18 up to 50). I notice that the college webcam chicks will be doing a lot of this free live sex stuff, but they use their boyfriends that know their online. But with Luanda here, its all leaked, homemade, hidden, thats the best part of it and for the little she charges, trust me it’s totally worth it.

Sex Dating Behind my Wifes Back

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This is not my wife, this is Yolanda a fucking whore that can’t live without cock and has been banging my dick for the past three months at least twice a week. We call this Sex Dating, because all we do when we date is have sex.

She’s not the only bitch that I have found on Amateur Match. No way! I get laid with a bunch of other chicks, some of them want to have sex only once, others like me to give them another go now and then and they hit me up via the website service. Most of the babes are married, some are single and simply use the service to get dick once in a while.

I’ve met so many different chicks on here that you guys have no idea. Married, in their 20′s, 30′s, 40′s and even very hot mature babes in their 50′s, but the big surprise was when I met a chick that has been in a lot of movies. I thought that the profile was fake, but then she came on live cam to chat and it was her. A celebrity right in front of my eyes! What a shame that I live in Ohio and she’s in California or I would have asked for a date for sure!

milf dating whore

Find local women and men looking for an affair

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Find local women and men looking for an affair with Unfaithful.com, fuck me! and where can I find such a website? Unfaithful.com, OK but as date August 1 2013 all I see is a homepage and a logo, so whats the deal? Well who is behind the site has something cooking in the pot that is pretty awesome.

unfaithful com dating cheaters

To be honest I’m very excited as it will be something very different than the usual dating website, like the title says, it’s for them that already have a family or are in a relationship with another person, but want to get away from their daily life and have a short affair, or even a one night stand and simply have some sex. Unique and will involve so many people in the US, but as I have also heard, it wont just be restricted to the United States alone…

Hollywood Coke can up the ass

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A friend of mine that works at Gay Free Fun told me about this pic that he found in the lesbians category on his site. he told me that the person that uploaded it said who it was and when I checked the pic out and gave it a few real good looks I figured out who the fuck it is as well. i can’t tell you or we could be sued, but take a very good look and if you guess who this hollywood celebrity is, then all you got to do is drop me an email and I’ll send you the whole reel of photos that my friend passed us on to post. I’ll give you a clue, or maybe more than one. She has been in a couple of scandals, one for drugs and a DUI, she has stared in a couple of movies that won an Oscar, she didn’t win the statue but someone in both movies did.


Guess who she is, it’s not that hard

Posted on July 12th, 2013 by by punkpred

Are you telling me that you have no idea who this celeb may be? Are you really dug into your gay life that you can’t tell me who the fuck she is? Well you have trouble. Hottest actress in Hollywood, she hasn’t made them many movies and she has never played a huge part. She’s getting there and I really hope that this sex tape wont fuck shit up for her or that she may turn around and sue us as well and not only the dude that made this homemade hidden camera porno this past spring in a Californian hotel room. I really like her tight body as well, natural boobs, great features overall, just like she is on the set, sexy and perfect.